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Blocking Pictures


~~~~**Tasveer is HARAAM in islam,be careful specially when using Internet**~~~~


Follow the steps below:


1-In the Intenet Explorer,go to "Tools" in the Menu Bar


2-select "internet options"


3-go to "Advanced"


4-uncheck "Show pictures" in the "Multimedia cateogry


INSHA ALLAH, now you will not see any picture in internet explorer


ALSO install a software from


For Disabling Flash Adds:

1-Go to "Internet explorer"

2-Select "Tools"

3-Click on "options"

4-Select "Programs"Tab.

5-Click on "Manage Add ons.."

6-Select "Shockwave Flash Object"

7-Check "Disable"

8-Click "OK"

After doing all this,u will get Blank Boxes instead of pictures,if its JAIZ picture u know about it,right click on blank Box & select SHOW PICTURE.

!*!*! Jazak ALLAH !*!*!